Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Being the Positive Angel!

She was the ultimate definition of optimism,
Just like the rainbow colors oozing out of a lighted prism.
Everyone around her looked up to her for motivation,
Always smiling, 'happiness' shouting from each of her fraction.

Then one day, the unthinkable struck on her,
To an accident, she lost her dear mother.
And yet she stood strong amongst them all,
Holding her family together and not letting them fall.

Her father held on to her for support,
For her little brother she was the strong fort.
They clinged to her like a child to a mother,
She held strong, giving hope to everyone around her.

All the while she proved to be everyone's positive angel,
Not understanding the chaos of emotions beneath her tangled.
She wanted to remove the 'facade' of being eternally at bliss,
She wanted someone to hug her and on her forehead place a kiss.

That night she saw her mother in her dreams,
Saying it is ok to cry sometimes and also to scream.
It is ok to break down sometimes and feel the pain,
It is ok not to look for a rainbow always in the rain.

She woke up and she cried, like a baby she cried,
She let out all the sorrow as her mother had died.
She told herself, "Let me cry, let me cry today for once and all"
Because from tomorrow I have to smile and again stand tall!

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