Sunday, November 15, 2015

3 Women Saving My Life Currently

They say women cannot be friends. They say when two women meet, they just bitch. They say women can't see other women rising up the ladder. They say women are jealous of other women's progress. They still say women cannot be friends!!!

I have 3 women in my life currently who have proved all the above as myths. Here is an ode to these women who are saving my life currently! The ironical part is I have not met either of them as yet and still they stand by me as a solid rock.

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The first woman I want to talk about is Deepti. Deepti is my husband's colleague's wife who also is in the field of Human Resources. She was in US when I arrived here and I got in touch with her to get guidance on one of the HR certifications which I planned to attempt. Deepti had already given that certification then. We spoke on phone some 2 years back and since then there is no stopping to our friendship. Both of us were frustrated with the 'dependent' visa status and did not want to waste our lives by watching soaps on television or gossiping with other women.  We wanted to do something worthwhile. So hence began the quest for doing meaningful things. We started with having a HR presentation every week where we took trending HR topics and presented the same to each other. We even joined Toastmasters at the same time and we recite our speeches to each other and take feedback. It is not just the personal development that we both indulge in. There are some things in my life, the pain of which only Deepti understands and does not ridicule me for that. She doesn't show sympathy, instead lends a compassionate ear to my grievings. There have been days when I have been completely bogged down, but a call to her makes all the difference in the world. These past 2 years, we have grown as human beings and so has our friendship. What connects us even stronger is our spiritual ideologies. 
I wish from the bottom of my heart that she gets all that she desires :)

The second woman I would like to mention is Shweta Chittrode. I met her in a FB group where she had mentioned that she was in search of writers for her website. We spoke and since then there is a trust that has been built between us. Technically she is my boss, but I find her to be a friend and a mentor. Shweta does not stop amazing me. Each single day she will pull off something, that will make me awestruck. I have never seen such a strong woman in my life who has guts to make her dream come true single handedly. We are involved with a start up called Stylewhack and trust me the energy and zeal with which Shweta works for this start up, pumps up energy in all of us. She does not sit idle, she is either networking or finding leads or working on articles or making our website better. There have been days when she has not slept for days and yet she shows up every single morning to work. People who are involved in start ups will understand the mammoth amount of hard work which is required to make a start up a success. And Shweta is doing double of that! A woman who went against the society norms, a woman who is creating opportunities for other women, a woman who just doesn't give up! Hats off to this strong woman! 
Have faith Shweta, together we will take Stylewhack to newer heights!

The third woman just brings a smile on my face. I 'met' Lily Dunn over her blog when one of my friends forwarded the link. I instantly connected with her writing and we shared a few emails. I even did a guest post for her on 'Gratitude', the word I have chosen for me this year. Lily's blogs keep me going and sometimes bring a wide smile on my face. She is funny, she is hilarious! Her CoT stories when she was in Korea entertained almost everyone. And now that she is back to the US, that place seems to have taken by her adorable cats. Her posts are witty and sure shot will brighten up anyone's day. Her guest series on 'Gratitude' is what has kept me going even during the dark times. When there was a storm in South Carolina recently where Lily stays, my hands automatically were folded in a prayer for her. Such strongly connected I feel towards her even though we haven't met in person. Her undying faith in God and her attitude of counting her blessings even during tough times inspires me to stay strong each single day. 
So Lily, whenever we meet next you have to give me eye make up tutorials :P

So yes, these 3 women are saving my life currently! I sometimes wonder how can people be so close when they have not even met! This makes my belief in God and destiny stronger. People who are supposed to 'meet' will meet in any circumstances!

Who is saving your life currently?

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