Monday, July 27, 2015

Nurturing Growth!

Photo Credit: Gaurav Rasane

Today I mark a BIG milestone in my life journey, I complete 2 years in the land of opportunities i.e. USA. Being in the US has been an eye opener and has made me evolve as a person on a number of fronts. Today as I sit down and look back at these 2 years, I feel so jubilant as well as grateful for some really unforgettable moments and the drastic change in my outlook.

Flash back - when I first came here, it was a different story and the quietness of the place and no human interaction was driving me crazy. Slowly and steadily I got used to the massive lifestyle changes here and started enjoying my time here with my dear husband.

Fast forward it to today - if someone who has not seen me for years bumps into me today, they will be surprised at the transformation. Not just the physical transformation but me as a person. I have grown leaps and bounds in my character and attitude, I like to call this version of mine as Pradnya 2.0 :)

I have grown as a writer. When I read my earlier posts of 2013, I am a little embarrassed with what I wrote then. Given a choice I would like to delete my earlier posts, but then I will never be able to gauge my progress. This was my first post and this was my latest post. I myself feel astounded at times when I look at my earlier work and what I have been writing lately. I wrote less then, maybe a post per month and sometimes not even that. And today, I make it a point to write at least once a week. My writing canvas also has widened - it is not just my personal blog, but also on other avenues like Women's Web and Stylewhack. I even wrote a guest post on gratitude at Lily's blog and one post on Pink Pangea. These two posts by the way are favorite of mine till date. So yes, I have grown as a writer and that makes me immensely happy!

The second major change I inculcated in my life is that I stay away from negative people and negative thoughts. It is very difficult to self motivate yourself when you do not have a regular job and have the entire day to yourself. Every day when I wake up, I think - 'What today?'. To top it all, if you are surrounded by negative people then life becomes just impossible. I have stayed away from all the gossip and bitching. I have kept my circle small, but consisting of people who really matter and care. I stay away from people who easily comment, "You have the entire day to yourself and plus no kids. What tensions you have in life." Or people who assume that since I do not have a job I am available for them all the time. And people asking every time they meet, "So what do you do the entire day? Why don't you do baby sitting or something" without understanding that I cannot take money in any form on my current visa status. I stay away from all these people and all narrow mindsets. What it has done to me cannot be described in words. Trust me, if you want peace in your life just banish all the negative energies and you will be better off!

The next change is that I have grown immensely spiritually. By spirituality I do not mean visiting temples, chanting and praying in front of the idols. By spirituality, I mean my way of life. The giver is the God, but to accept his blessings and coming to a stage where you stand in front of Him and thank each day for blessing me with all the abundance - needs a whole new perspective. I do not have a job, but I have nourishing food 4 times a day. Isn't that more than enough? Maybe the initial loneliness pushed me closer to God. Today I enjoy this solitude and do not freak out on being alone. I have created my own little space in the tranquility and aloofness. Sometimes days are not great but I still thank God for the good things in that day. From cribbing and crying to life full of gratitude and acceptance. Make this change and you will experience the divine smiling at you too :)

My outlook has changed and I have become a little more open and dynamic person. I was not like this before, I was a very rigid person who had a set time table for everything in life. Thanks to my husband, I am learning to let go off that rigidity and bring in some spontaneity in life. I still struggle a little with impulsive plans but I am improving. I took life too seriously, but now I am loosening up for good. This entire year till now I have been doing something new each week, coming out of my comfort zone and trying to be a free spirit. When my school mates meet me today, they find it very difficult to believe I am the same Pradnya. Having said that, the day I will get up in front of people and dance with no pretensions, I think that day will mark my real freedom!

As they say, everything happens for a reason - so was it for me. The last two years have been the times of tremendous growth for me. I have been nurturing growth and nourishing my personality, my bonds with my family and my connection with God. I continue on this growth journey and maybe next year you can see the Pradnya version 3.0!

I am growing as a person to be a better human being. I am on a path of a revolution within myself...........


  1. Self Awareness, growth and improvement are a never ending process. Every post of yours serves as an inspiration to sieze the moment each and every day. Great job And keep writing. Btw we have to have a toastmaster style debate whenever ever we get a chance to catch up in person...

  2. Thank you Devesh for always supporting and motivating me. It is only because of such positive vibes that I have been able to walk on this path of growth :)
    Meet us and we will have the debate in any style you want ;)

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  4. Hii Pradnya ..... i just can't express the way your columns inspired me and gives me an immense happiness inside always . I am a computer programmer in my late twenties now , who used to love to cook ,sing ,write and dance . After moving USA 1 year ago i just feel empty but started enjoying my life now the way you mentioned in this column. May god fulfill all your dreams .. :D :D

    1. Thank you so much Taruna :)
      I feel, the biggest hurdle we face after coming to US is the lack of a good friend with whom we can talk our heart out and feel confident that this friend keeps the information to themselves and doesnt gossip about it elsewhere. I think, we miss someone listening to us! It is difficult living in the US and I am happy that you have found your way to enjoy life here :)
      Find me on FB, I have a page called 'Thought Mints'. There are many other stories there :)
      And I am happy that I could inspire at least one to start enjoying their life :) :)

  5. Yes , you are absolutely right and excellent writer. Meanwhile let me know if you have any plans for Bay area :)

  6. Pradnya di.... I loved your blog.... U present ur thoughts very beautifully ... I am actually looking forward to write my own blog.. It would be a pleasure if u could help me with my blog ... Share some tips fir me ... Plz keep writing and keep inspiring some young bloggers like me

    1. Thank you Kavi! I have sent you a mail. Let us take it forward from there :)