Friday, September 27, 2013

So, what is your Crazometer Score???

For almost more than quarter of a century, I have lived a disciplined and predictable life with just books as my passion....Oh ya ya...I know a very 'boring' life indeed! The same old routine throughout with little chance for flexibility. 

Now when I look back...I am like alas...ghosh I did miss out on some fun....or did I? I have always been a book worm and loved to be in my cocoon of imaginary friends and plethora of good thoughts. Oh ya...those were the times.....

And today when I see carefree people does make me ponder....I have been so 'boring' that I do not have one photo of mine with a weird or funny expression. FB today has tons and tons of it, but not me in those bizzare pics!
I have been so very conscious of the world around me and their judgmental eyes, that sometimes makes me feel like Debra from 'Everybody Loves Raymond' who thinks she is 'boring' amongst the maniac Barons!!

Things are changing now though....thanks to the carefree environment around me where people do not bother what you are wearing, what you are doing unless you poke your nose in their business. It exhilarates you beyond imagination! Loosening up indeed is thrilling in its own way! 

Like the other day, when I got completely drenched in water first time ever in life. To top it all, post that roamed in Sujoy's (my husband) clothes on the streets! No one bothered to give me a second look! That was such a revelation!

I have some crazy people in my life though and I guess that has made me sustain my boring life till now!!!

Sujoy, who bunked his classes during school and roamed on his bicycle through out the city....until he was caught one day ;)

Couple friends of mine ...guess what they did? They had a 'who can yell louder' competition in front of their 1.5 years old daughter.... And now when they are reading this, I can see the huge grins on their faces!!!

Rini (my sister in law) and her crazy bunch of friends. They were actually imitating Watsapp icons with weirdest ever expressions!! Playing antakshari at what 3 am...and the noise created was definitely deafening!
She tried doing some inhumane stunt on her friend's bike and got hurt gravely!

Saurabh (my brother in law, who is I think 26 years old) will poke his niece Suchi (who is almost 3 years old now), eat chocolate in front of her and then tease her. Pricking Debika's (his cousin) pimple on the nose early morning when she was asleep. Flamboyantly spraying artificial snow on me when it was not even my birthday.

Sushmita (my other sister in law) who will ask Suchi, her daughter to fill water in a gun and shoot that water on great grandma's face. Now that was really amusing and great grandma's grumpiness added to the fun ;)
She will scream 'Rini' at the top of her lungs from the ground floor at 10 pm, when our home is on the 4th floor. And then ring the doorbell continuously till we open it. And she is what 31 years old!

My friend who used to question every passer if they had seen his toe nail somewhere. I asked him, "What pleasure you get doing this?" He replied, "This makes them leave aside their contemplations for a while and search for my stupid toe nail sometimes."
We do need such breaks, don't we?

My friend who sneaked into ladies hostel during Diwali and burst crackers. And I thought this happens only in movies! I cannot put his picture as his wife is unaware of all his engineering tales ;)

Choto kaka who keeps on doing mind boggling stuff all the very time. He went and asked the air hostess whether he can go out and smoke when the flight was in air!! Or ask the waiter if the water served was from the river Ganga! I mean "Really?"

My bestest buddies...around whom I tend to loosen up my hair sometimes!

Oh I forgot to mention...I had met Sujoy once in a cultural program. After that I saw him on a football ground near my place. And I started shouting, "Sujoy, Sujoy" from a distance. And Sujoy was bewildered and wondering who the hell this crazy girl is calling my name on a football field....
Can you believe, he thought the naivest girl on earth to be crazy!!!
Now love does make you do some crazy things, doesn't it???? :)

So, what is the craziest thing, you have done till now??? What is your Crazometer score?


  1. Hahaha lady you are bang on track when it comes to doing crazy things :) gradually we will see a crazier Pradnya...and don't even get me started on all the crazy things that I have done ;)

  2. Pradnya, very well written. Few observations-
    1. Please don't declare my Age on FB. I will always be sweet 16....
    2. Please do not count wearing your husband's clothes as the "craziest thing" that you have done....we (that includes - saurabh mitra, saswati datta n me) have been wearing your husband's clothes since ages.....n we are not crazy....
    3. When you have kids please don't tell him/her your misdeeds of being a bookworm.....rather send them to me.....ill teach them what is LIFE....

  3. Girl, I don't know how I came across your blog. But I thought I am the only crazy one on this earth who thinks like this ( I read few of your posts). Now you just stole my thunder that I am not that unique ;). I just sent the link to few people who have been calling me a piece of work for a while. Ha Ha. I just had so much fun reading your blog. Totally reminded me of myself. Ohh I felt like I wrote few of them. Feeling such a high right now. Would love to read more of your writing.

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for the kind words :)

      I just write what comes from my heart and my life and it just happens that beautiful humans around me identify with it and hence enjoy! :)
      Surely have plans to continue scribbling forever!
      Thanks a ton for leaving this message, even I am feeling high now :)