Monday, February 16, 2015

My Style Statement - 'Inclusive'

I never thought I will write on 'style' as I never really bothered to be stylish. I am just another girl who goes through different phases of life and her style changes eventually while growing up. I consider my style to be 'inclusive'.

What is my style?  A pair of rugged jeans and cool tank top. I am the most comfortable in it and it makes me accept the world as it is. You would ask, how come your clothes enable you to accept the world? It does, because if you are happy with yourself you are more welcoming and open.

A pair of jeans and a comfortable top epitomizes to me the woman who is out there making her own mark being an entrepreneur. It reminds me of the newly wed girl who is settling in her new home and yet is still having her own identity with her rugged old jeans. It symbolizes to me the woman walking in a park with her partner, breathing in fresh air and who is happy that her partner respects her. It exemplifies to me the mother who has chosen to be with her kids leaving behind a promising career and experience the joy of seeing her kids grow. It conveys to me the strength a single mom gathers to raise her kids all alone in a society where a woman's worth is judged on her marital status and how well she takes care of her husband and kids. It personifies to me the courage of a woman who decides not to have kids of her own and instead adopts a lost soul and gives it a home. It denotes to me the woman who is struggling with infertility, yet tries her level best not to let the inability to bear kids define her life and focuses on her life's dream. It conveys to me the responsibility taken up by a daughter of caring for her parents. It implies to me the audacity of a woman who decides to get out of an abusive relationship and standing on her own feet. It indicates to me the confidence of the woman who is a CEO of a Fortune 500 organisation. 

A pair of jeans and a top - epitomizes to me all that today's women stand for and are fighting for! Let us pull up our rugged jeans and include each one of us in our world without being judgmental and without scrutinizing through the conservative society lens. Let us include one and all in our world and respect each other's decisions and struggles!

What are you waiting for? Pull out that jeans lying in your wardrobe and say hello to an inclusive world! :)

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  1. Grt !! Beautifully written :)
    U r simply too gud in writing! I've always read it completely .

  2. Nicely put up thoughts.. Loved reading! Keep it up babe ... Much love and appreciation ur way! :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lily!
      I so love what you write and 'how much' you write. I sometimes feel we should meet....maybe one day we will cross each others path once you are back home :)