Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Thoughts Window

Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are non-fictitious and have full resemblance in real life. Please forgive me or better still my mind for wandering around this way!

So I sit down today to write a story. I have a couple of things in mind and as I try and articulate my abstract ideas into something tangible, my mind wanders to so many places. Trust me I thought 100 thoughts in a span of half an hour. And it occurred to me, I should document this....just to read one day and have a hearty laugh! I have kept some words in bold, not to emphasize but for the readers to know how my second thought was linked to the first one. Otherwise you will think I have gone crazy. On second thoughts, even if I do not make some words bold you are bound to think I am crazy!!!

So here is my today's writing ordeal - 

Abishek says my characters always are pursuing something. So this time maybe I should write about an independent woman who has it all. I need to be independent now. It is been ages that I am using the public transport or dependant on someone to drive me places. I am going to fail the driving test. How I wish during the driving test Sujoy's spirit incarnates into me and I pass the test. Or like 'I dream of Jeannie', I should fold my hands like Jeannie nod my head down and wink and Tadaaaaa...I pass the test. Or why can't I just practice more and pass the godamn driving test without any extra terrestrial help.

Extra terrestrials might be having 4 hands. Why extra terrestrials? Some humans behave as if they have 4 hands. Shweta can talk on a phone plus work on 3 things in the kitchen. She can study and listen to music. Mumma works on innumerable things in kitchen simultaneously. Phew! And me? I can do just one thing at a time. The time I tried cutting the vegetables and making curry simultaneously, disaster! But I have improved heaps and bounds in cooking. Mumma asked me recipe of kaju katli....Mumma....who is such a cooking expert asked me! Now that is a feat!

Kaju katlis are so tasty. I should have one now.

(I get up to take a bite of kaju katli and come back again to writing)

Chandrima says she found my NY blog a little too over the place and difficult to keep track of. I should write something which engrosses the reader till the end. Something like the 'Gone Girl'. But not the end. I hated the end. The entire movie kept me engrossed and then the end - I just hated it! Maybe I should read the book and find out more. 

'To kill a mockingbird' is a great book. I cannot believe it took me so long to get hold of this book. I am sure it must have churned a lot of advocates and litigators in the US after the book launch. Alicia Florrick did mention this in 'The Good Wife' series

I love 'The Newsroom'. Specially what I saw today. The Osama Bin Laden episode. Classy. Could not have asked for more. I should see that documentary on how they caught Bin Laden which Sujoy had recommended. 

Sujoy never says anything about my writing. He doesn't even show that he has read my blog. There is this one reader from Poland who reads my blog. Just solitary one from Poland. I do not know anyone from Poland. Every blog has one read from Poland. Who might this reader be? Sometimes extra statistics screws you over. Google gives a lot of statistics on the demographics of my blog readers.

But my blog on football was a hit amongst Sujoy's football buddies. It is my highest read blogs till date. Everybody could relate with it. Sujoy must have liked atleast that blog of mine.

Last match Sujoy played was great the first half. Second half they just got bored it seems. They lost badly, 0-4. The first half was 0-0, and in second half everything went for a toss very quickly. Their first loss in the league so far. But I liked the fact that the opponent team's player came and chatted with Sujoy. He said, "If that beautiful pass you executed in the first half had been converted into a goal by the forward then that would have been the game changer."
An opponent player who does not even know Sujoy, came upto him to tell him this!
I felt so proud then :) Wish I had some passion that strong in my life!

And then I thought a lot about my life which I prefer not making public at this moment. Too much of deep thoughts which I will park aside currently...maybe some day when I want to have another hearty laugh I will open my Pandora's box of my take on life! Till then it is just these 100 thoughts which made me go offtrack so badly that I did not write my story at all!!!

PS: I filtered a lot of my thoughts before writing this blog. You know how your mind wanders sometimes ;)

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