Friday, July 11, 2014

The Societal Ladder!

So you are 28 and still unmarried, or are you 32 and still doing your studies, or are you 31 plus 5 years being married and yet still do not have a kid or are you 35 years of age and have just one kid? 

All the above things just do not fit in the societal ladder of progression and are considered heinous sins. You guys are in some BIG trouble for that! Welcome to the world of 'The Societal Ladder'!

The societal ladder is regulated by what I call 'Nosy Ninjas', as they are ready with their combat to assault you with their nuclear weapon known as nosiness. Let us abbreviate them as NN! NNs come in all ages, sizes and shapes... they are omnipresent like God - might come across them while traveling, at a social event, at a personal event, even in a public rest room.....ya you got it... just anywhere. 

These NNs want to know it all - if you are not married then they want to know why are you still unmarried and when will that happen, if you are married then they want to know when will the kid arrive, if you have one kid they want to know when will the next kid arrive and if you have 2 kids then they want to know what are you planning for their it is just that whatever stage of life you are in their quest for answers is unceasing.

And as I said they come in all ages. They can be of your own age, sometimes younger to you but majorly in the Aunty and Uncle age group. They present themselves as your benefactor and show they genuinely care for you but the real agenda is brutally regulating the society at your expense. They have a definitive societal ladder in their regime and they want everyone to follow it blindly - marriage at 25, first kid at 27 and then second kid at 29. Anything that is later than this plan sends chills to their plans and thus starts their regulation work.

They come up with some very soothing sentences like - 'Let the kid come, everything will fall in place'. I wonder sometimes if they mean everything will fall in place or everything will fall apart when they give such advice to a couple who are living separately - the wife pursuing her Ph. D and the husband working in a different city. How is the kid going to help them achieve their goals?

Another classic example - 'Get married and your problems will be resolved'. I often wonder who goes and tweets to them about our problems? If the problem is not getting promoted at workplace due to lack of a master's degree then how is marriage the solution? Oh now I understand, for them marriage is a whole new level of education and ya obviously it will add to the resume! 

And then - 'Let the second kid come, the first one will not be such a nuisance then'. Firstly how dare you call someone's kid a nuisance and secondly will the second kid come with some magical powers to soothe the firstborn? The kid is already alone with both parents working day and night to secure his/her future. They do not have enough time for one kid, from where will they manage time for the second. And why is it necessary to have this 'Hum do, hamare do' (we two and our two kids) in every family?

So the bottomline is you should just blindly follow their created ladder irrespective of where you stand in life, what you want from life and how you want to lead your life. That does not matter. Your motto in life should be get married at 25 and have two kids by the end of 3 years of marriage - Ola..mission accomplished!

So here is my message to all the NNs - Please mind your own business. Respect people's privacy and let them do what they want in life. Respect people having 2 kids as also couples deciding to not to have kids. It is their decision, you do not know what compelled them to take this decision nor do you know anyone's struggles. Please take a step back and let people live the way they want and not according to some military time table! Stop messing around and poking your nose in everyone's affairs! 

So the next time any Nosy Ninja messes around with you, just direct them to this blog  ;)
And the next time when someone asks me so when is the good news coming, here is my answer: The good news is already here - I just started caring even lesser about Nosy Ninjas :P