Sunday, March 23, 2014

The 'Maharani' of our house!

She is the prankster of the house and yet the most pampered member of the family! It does not take much time to make friends with her, she adores company. The more the company the merrier for her ;) She will adore you so much that you will feel special even on your worst days. And all it takes to make her happy is patting her! She is none other than the youngest of our family - Bosky!!!

(Do not mess with me look)

Bosky came in our lives when she was just a few months old. She is a pug - Yes, yes the Vodafone dog! She was so small and soft like a bundle of silk. Her paws were soft and she used to slip on the floor while walking. And like for any baby, time passed very fast. She grew from a tiny toddler to almost 2 years now. 

I just cannot get enough of her! The things she does sometimes just amazes me. Her favourite is having biscuit during tea time. And she knows only Baba will give her biscuit. Let her be in any corner of the house or deep asleep, she will come running to the kitchen at the sound of the spoon mixing sugar in the tea cup. So if you want to wake her up, you know what to do ;)

She sleeps on the bed with us. Sometimes she sleeps between me and my SIL. Once my SIL got up to do something. And Bosky the princess spread herself so luxuriosly that she covered most of the vacant bed. And when Rini came, there was no space for her to sleep. Rini tried to shift her. But our maharani won't budge!!! And then Rini nudged her a little which made Bosky angry and she haughtily walked away from us. Such are the nakhras of this tiny creature!

We live on the third floor. When we are out and reaching home, Bosky comes to know the moment we reach the parking. She will start barking then. And the welcome she gives is just out of the world. The moment we pen the door, she will come running, wagging her tail and licking and running around you till you pat her. She adores you so much as if you had been gone for ages! Who would not love to come back home to such grand welcome :)

My MIL goes for a walk in the morning. Once she is back she takes Bosky out for a walk. Usually she will enthusiastically go to the door at the sound of my MIL's footsteps. But when she does not want to go for a walk on some days, this clever little girl will come and act as if she is fast asleep on our bed. From where she learns all this is a big mystery to us!!

She loves Baba the most. If he is not at home, she will get his home footwear and sleep on it. The site is so cute. She will go and trouble him only for all her demands. 

I remember an incident when she was 1.5 months old. She saw a cat in the parking. The went a step ahead, the cat took a step behind. This gave some courage to Bosky I believe. Then she took another step ahead and the cat in nervousness took two steps ahead. And that was it...Bosky ran from there as if hell was broken. It was the first time when we saw a dog scared of a cat!! It was indeed hilarious.

Sometimes when you are low and you just look at her, that gives you half of your energy and motivation back! The unconditional love that she showers on you makes you feel ashamed of the materialistic goals you are running behind. Her carefree nature makes me want to let go off my inhibitions and be carefree atleast for a moment. Her energy makes you feel old! And the best part is when she cuddles you like a human being and sleeps!

Indeed she is more than just a dog -  she is the happy line of our house, much more than a selfish human being giving us every ounce of her endless love!

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