Friday, October 25, 2013

The dichotomy of Good and Evil!

I wander across the street,
Smiling at strangers whom I meet.
This is the good old me,
Can a little evil I ever be?

I ponder on the times I have gone out of my way,
To help someone from going astray.
I wonder how always I have been so polite,
And the numerous occasions I have retreated from a fight.

'Was that all worth?', I question myself
Being the goody goody fairy tale elf
As sometimes I had my moments of evil,
I wanted to be a monster, a devil.

I yearned to howl at the hypocrites,
And crush the termites who at your back bite.
I craved not to care a damn for the world,
And wished to lash out all these bindings with my sword!

Alas! Then to me it dawned,
Around my self, a hypocrisy net I had spawned.
At the outset, I used to smile at someone,
While in reality I felt like shooting them with a gun.

And then I had to abandon my pretensions,
With the good old myself I was done.
Now I am free, to express exactly what is in my mind,
Without the obligation to be always affable and kind.

This way, believe me life is so better
As you get rid of all the stored up clutter.
So the new me is an angel if you are good and all straightened,
To the devil, beware I am the Satan!!!!

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